Government is planning for direct transfer of funds into artisan bank accounts

The government is considering a direct transfer of funds to artisan's bank accounts instead of sending it through NGOs and/or cooperatives after receiving "complaints" about money that does not reach the intended beneficiaries, union minister Smriti Irani said today. 
Addressing a summit, the textile minister Smt. Smriti Irani said that every year between the governments of the Center and the states, more than one billion rupees are spent to support artisan.
She noted that so far, how to ensure that these benefits reach the artisans was for the government to design a particular program, from then on the Ministry of Finance would allocate money, and the Ministry of Finance textiles would unload the funds to artisans. interested cooperatives, NGOs with the guarantee of the disburse.
"We are asking artisan cooperatives, NGOs to tell us what state, which district to work in, we will give you the money because there is a guarantee that the artisan will pick it up through you, and suddenly it was found that all this money goes to these organizations, but it does not reach the artisans, "Irani said.
The minister said that after discovering that artisans never got any money, she has enquired related organization that each year thousands of crores have been disbursed into the system but our craftsmen still face challenges.
"... So as per Prime Minister's Mr. Modi, it has been directed that if an artisan wants money, you make sure that it goes directly to artisan's bank account and does not pass through any other organization/NGO" Irani said.