Lalitpur gets new milk plant under ODOP scheme


LDDCU - Lalitpur District Dairy Cooperative Union is planning to establish state of the art technology equipped milk processing plant in Chapagaun, Lalitpur. This complete automatic plant will cost around Rs 7 crores and can process up to thousand liters of milk per hour. With the help of advanced technology, the plant will be equipped with chiller, cream separator, packaging machine, pasteurizer, and homogenizer.

The plant is aiming to not only product hygienic and quality milk products but also coliform free. The union has already spent 1 crore as an initial investment on buying land and government is planning to provide half of the remaining 6 crores to make plant functional.

This plant of milk processing will be a part of state government effort of One District One Product (ODOP) programme of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives.

The government has accelerated implementation effort of ODOP programme in 26 districts with the aim of increasing revenue and local employment along with enhancing food security in the country by promoting farm modernization.