Uttar Pradesh government planning to host MSME Summit to boost ODOP

May 17, 2018

With the great success of Uttar Pradesh Investors' Summit in February of this year, the chief minister Shri Yogi Adityanath government is planning to host... Read More

Lalitpur gets new milk plant under ODOP scheme

May 6, 2018

LDDCU - Lalitpur District Dairy Cooperative Union is planning to establish state of the art technology equipped milk processing plant in... Read More

Government policies which will help local artisans and manufacturer

May 15, 2018

Central and state government has been working tirelessly to implement favorable policies for local artisans and entrepreneurs. Below listed few policies are very... Read More

India textile and garment industry - A brief outlook

May 13, 2018

Being the oldest industry in India, it contributes 3% to the country's GDP. The textile industry has been a major player in increasing India's overall... Read More

Government is planning for direct transfer of funds into artisan bank accounts

The government is considering a direct transfer of funds to artisan's bank accounts instead of sending it through NGOs and/or cooperatives after receiving... Read More